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Safeness impediment suspend holds up pike elevateLogistic shortcomings maintain bygone blessed in support of delays in preliminary influence improvements to the A1(M) in Cambridgeshire.

Toil was hypothetical to begin rearmost hebdomad on resurfacing the three-mile elongate at intervals Peterborough and Huntingdon but was slow alongside what the Highways Force initially described as “a want of interpretation materials”.

When pressed representing writer information, it supposed that continuance fasciculus Amey had suffered “a defer in sourcing the cure sort of protection bar as a service to the business”.

Amey purposefulness at present commencement travail that Weekday (11th Sept), the Highways Action has addicted.

The resurfacing scheme includes refilling of route studs and procedure markings amid junctions 15 and 14, at hand Glatton Construction and Wheatsheaf overpass. It is programmed to be accomplished on Weekday 17th Oct, seedy permitting.

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