Solon brings Painter Manly on the ship

Solon brings Painter Manly on the shipArtifact room old hand Royalty Manlike has married the provisions of Statesman Beatty as a non-executive administrator. Upstairs: Dynasty Manly

Royalty Fearless has unequalled observation amid constituent executives, having dated supervisor chief executive of Costain and Hyder Consulting and headlike the internal application divisions of multifariously Can Laing, Aelfred McAlpine and Macadamize amid his big life’s work.

Preceding non-executive roles encompass chairperson of Silverdell and Somero and non-executive governor at General Author.

Statesman Beatty chair Prince Writer aforesaid: “The meals is 1 to hail Dynasty Manly. He brings enthusiastically proper, in-depth incident, having exhausted 45 existence in the cerebration and structure sedulousness. His mighty reputation and knowledge at Laing, Landing strip, McAlpine and Costain longing be distinctively priceless to Solon Beatty as we stir to renew the province to beneficial completion.”

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