AIS + FPDC = FISIn attendance’s a different label in the service of a fit-out contractors’ commerce league shadowing a blending latest twelvemonth.

The Union of Civil Specialists (AIS) and the Confederation of Application & Wallboard Contractors (FPDC) came as one terminal twelvemonth and get right now choson FIS as their novel monicker.

Yet, FIS does not symbolise Combination of Home Specialists. It stands on the side of Finishes & Interiors Aspect.

Leader director Painter Frise aforementioned: “FIS intent in reality masquerade as the finishes and interiors division’s contractors, manufacturers and distributors indoors its rank. We get an eager scenario to lend a hand our comrades chance on the unborn desire of the manufacture and to pass a uninjured, attracting and fruitful zone to drudgery in.”

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