Etihad Amphitheatre plans stand to be authorized

Etihad Amphitheatre plans stand to be authorizedCity Burgh Congregation planners get possible that diocese councillors authorise plans to swell the Etihad Ground. Overhead: Fancy of the Etihad Coliseum with more line on the northerly and southernmost stands

Metropolis Burgh Sport Bludgeon wants to combine 14,000 way to its amphitheatre, in the first place reinforced in behalf of the 2002 Republic Dauntlesss. That would seize its competence from 47,620 to 62,170, building it the Chancellor Coalition’s alternative greatest field, afterwards Ageing Trafford, opposite the added select of the borough.

The gathering's development commission meets to resolve on the relevance incoming Weekday, 13th Feb. A communication submitted to the board recommends it is sanctioned, the City Even Word has report.

Thinking would include the adding of a fresh position course south and Northeasterly Stands.

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