Redland raves round tile fastener

Redland raves round tile fastenerTile manufacturer Redland describes its creative Innofix Staple as a ‘rebellious’ novel tile mend. On: Innofix Clips inject a slick

The Innofix Fastener is tool-free and at in behalf of the unrestricted compass of Redland’s valid interwoven tiles.

It is the companions’s reply to the enlarged sterilisation requirements specify in BS 5534, the Island Model Regulations of Habit in behalf of Array and Tiling.

According to Redland, the Innofix Attach is the lone tile attach at that does not require a striker, production it 40% before than victimisation routine nailed clips.

Components upshot foreman Damien Pooley supposed: “We obtain manufactured the Innofix Trim off with the clear point of qualification roofers’ lives easier; we’ve smooth pigmentation coded them in support of plain error-free indication. That is a understandable, straight-forward and plain to exercise consequence that has archaic matured in effect to guy bid. It disposition lend a hand roofers stand complying with the latest Land Touchstone and thus far peaceful salvage duration and currency.”

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