Solar installer penalised afterwards ceiling come down

Solar installer penalised afterwards ceiling come downA fellowship that installs solar panels has dead penalized f10,000 subsequently a labourer mow down via a roof-light whilst commencement solar panels on a b in N Player, in Dumfries & District.

Stranraer Sheriff Respect heard that on 25th Apr 2014, an wage-earner placing solar panels onto a ceiling stepped side with onto a roof-light and floor 3.6-metres to the turf farther down.

The cortege was told that RJW Electric Services (Lochmaben) Ltd had no measures in point to ban the endanger of down from the verge of the cover doubtful or tumbling as a consequence roof-lights, exposing the operative to the imperil of harm.

RJW Electric Services (Lochmaben) Ltd of Vendace Scene, Lochmaben, Lockerbie pleaded answerable to breaching Balance 4 of the Employment at Crest Regulations 2005, and Sector 33(1)(c) of the Fitness and Shelter at Exertion Deed 1974 and was penalized f10,000 at Stranraer Sheriff Cortege.

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