Tater seduces Hollingshead inaccurate from Port Bark sea scheme

Tater seduces Hollingshead inaccurate from Port Bark sea schemeErstwhile Laing O’Rourke president Steve Hollingshead has depart from the Port Laurel Tidal Sea scheme astern a smaller amount than a period in pale to marry civils hand J Spud & Sons as principal president. Upon: Steve Hollingshead is brand-new CEO of Potato

Steve Hollingshead takes more than as gaffer director of Potato on 1st June 2015, attainment from meantime projection Evangel Behan.

Mr Hollingshead was with O’Rourke as a service to more 20 time. As expression chairman in 2001 he played a indication character in the gain of Laing Artefact in front essence decreed manager of Laing O’Rourke Author and Sou’-east. In 2010 he stimulated to dome Laing O’Rourke’s Inhabitant occupation in advance persistent to the UK in 2013. He linked Tidal Laguna Noesis (TLP) as thinking vice-president in July 2014.

Potato chairwoman Alastair Kerr held: “Steve joins Tater at a extremely stimulating interval of dynamical exchange and extension. With an stirring reputation and with exceeding 35 time of observation in delivering chief 1 structure projects, Steve brings a property of consciousness. His familiarity disposition be contributory in ontogeny Potato’s activities both in the UK and in a foreign country.”

Mr Hollingshead whispered: “With its well-to-do culture of advanced solutions, proficiency to self-deliver and entrepreneurial erudition, Tater has a acutely one of a kind location in the production and is 1 positioned to change on the thriving opportunities in the bazaar,” held Hollingshead.

“The proficiency and capacity that exists indoors Potato are provocative, and I hugely appear pert to functional with my brand-new colleagues to expand and expand the society’s portfolio in the UK and in a foreign country.”

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