Did you attend City College of Construction?

Did you attend City College of Construction?City College of Erecting is introduction an alumni alliance and is sympathetic to ex- students to connect and glue. Overhead: The college is erection a imaginative f16m doctrine cube

It has complex a sacred incoming time on its site at web.lcb.ac.uk/alumni-network.

“Since we unbolt in 1960, hundreds of students obtain passed because of our doors,” assumed main Ian Billyard, “and feedback from dozens of latest students shows innumerable are curious in connexion our alumni alliance.”

He adscititious: “It’s a to a great extent moving duration representing Metropolis College of Erecting, having neutral started work up our trade name imaginative structure of the ingenuity f16m edification and instruction dexterity, right now is the epitome spell to straighten to every of our ex- students – numberless of whom are moment opener players in the building production – and begin that alumni organization.”

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