Dramatist loses official

Dramatist loses officialAt hand’s a opening in the room at system Geoffrey Playwright with the feat of Dave Hooper. In the sky: Dave Hooper is send-off Playwright

Dave Hooper, an executive of Playwright since 2012 and director of its stock diremption, is goodbye in June, the attendance has declared. It did not claim where he is successful.

Union supervisor managing director Andy Writer supposed: “Dave has occupied the sentence to depart Dramatist to for his pursuit interests 1. He is presently functional with the 1 directing line-up on a handover course of action and we wish set his descendant in owing way.”

Mr Hooper married Dramatist in 2010 from Author Covered to head its railing trade and coupled the congregation provisions in Apr 2012. He has dead beat well-nigh of his employment in the railways, first with Railtrack in 1991.

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