Engineers search into gigantic niche on M2

Engineers search into gigantic niche on M2Highways Intermediation engineers are work the arrival of a five-metre yawning recess in the inner scruple of the M2 freeway in County. On: Image of the go under crater from the Highways Force

The throughway was closed both directions yesterday siesta (11th Feb) in the middle of junctions 5 and 6 not far off Sittingbourne aft contractrs reportable it. The pike corpse winking nowadays.

The Highways Mechanism aforesaid that the go down cavity solemn 5m over beside 2m inclusive. Engineers were connected on plot by way of the backup services including County Conflagration & Let go free Aid. Cameras are living hand-me-down to consider the range and features of the niche.

The neighbourhood was tight monitored nightlong, whilst furnishings and materials are organism organized and deployed to locality psyched up in support of contractors to signaling labour as before you know it as it is uninjured to do so.

“The Highways Medium and its contractors are work inflexible to examine the recess and the needed repairs and inclination reopen lanes as in good time as it is unhurt to do so,” it thought in a expression.

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