Started Fixing Up a Cottage

I have been living in a small apartment and saving my money for some time. It did not seem as though I would be able to get a place of my own any time soon, but one day I chanced upon a seaside cottage for sale. It needs a good bit of work done to it, but most of it does not seem to be outside of my ability. I know a good Bristol plumber and I got him to look at some of the issues with the plumbing. He would charge me a fair sum to fix it all, but since he is my mate he took out a piece of paper and wrote down step by step instructions for how to fix it. Right now the water is turned off. In fact it appears that someone crawled under the place and stole a few of the copper pipes. It seems strange that they would take some of them, but not all. I suppose that the person who did it had their reasons. The place is tiny and it would be too small if there was much more than a single person living there. Obviously two people can live in basically the same space as one person, but any more would be a real ordeal unless the third person was a baby perhaps. However this place is rather close to ideal for me. It is a short bus ride to my office and obviously it is easily within my means. It is not even going to really drain my savings account completely to make the down payment and I shall have the money left over for the needed renovations and the monthly payments. It is not any smaller than the apartment I am living in and it will save me a lot of money on monthly expenses.

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