The More Modern Apartment Complex

I didn’t see myself as the owner of an apartment complex when I was growing up, but my grandfather left one to me in his will before he died. I had only been to my granfather’s apartment complex a few times, and I knew nothing about how to run one. I had a lot to learn about keeping the complex maintained and getting more residents to lease rooms in it so that it would stay open. My grandfather was an old fashioned kind of guy, but I like a modern approach, which is why I used Multifamily marketing to get more tenants.

When people look for an apartment these days, they check out online listing from websites that they find in their first few web searches. If a website is on the first search engine results page and has a high listing, then people will be more likely to click on it. Without any kind of marketing intervention, the ranking for the site for the apartment complex that my grandfather left me was pretty low. The website looked like it hadn’t been updated in the past 15 years, featuring the most basic web template that you can find.

I made some changes to give the website a more modern look and added some recent pictures of the complex. I hired a web developer to make an interactive tour of the complex. By using the marketing, the website was able to climb the search engine ranks and eventually made it to the first page. More people were coming in to look at the apartments and the number of tenants rose dramatically. We’re currently fighting to get to the number one spot on the rankings but there is another apartment complex that is trying to keep that top spot. I think we can take them out.

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