Cleaning Up This Vacant Lot

I was just out looking for this place I had heard about when I found this piece of land for sale. It was close to ten acres I would guess, there was an old farm house, a barn and some other structures on it. One of them had a cellar under the place and it was full of water. It was a good thing I was wary about stepping inside it, because I realized that you might die if you did. Right now I am looking for scrap metal dealers after I bought the place. It is going to take a good deal of time and effort to clean the place up, in fact there is a good deal of old stuff laying around. There are a couple of old farm trucks, three old cars, a couple of tractors and something that looks like an antique reaper that must have been pulled by horses or mules.

At any rate I am pretty sure that I could get some guy to pick all of this stuff up and carry it away for free, obviously because it is worth a little bit of money. Scrap iron is not worth that much per pound, but something like a truck is going to add up to a reasonably good pay day. In fact a normal sized car is probably going to be worth between three hundred and four hundred dollars. I suspect that it may be more for some of these things, but I am not sure really. Obviously an old car is going to be heavier than a new one, but at the same time new cars contain a lot more aluminum. That is how they make them lighter and thus how they increase fuel efficiency. I sort of wonder if scrap dealers care about that.

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