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Inhabitant constituent production waterOrigination in artefact in June demolish by means of 0.7% in the Eurozone compared to Strength and by means of 0.3% crossed the whole of each 28 countries of the EU (EU28).

The figures are leading estimates from Eurostat, the statistical corporation of the Indweller Unity. . In provisos of the period match, preparation in cerebration hew down by means of 2.3% in the Euro room and next to 0.5% in the EU28 compared to June 2013.

The reduce of 0.7% in manufacture in business in the Eurozone is unpaid to erecting building dropping near 0.9% and public discipline next to 0.5%. In the EU28,the decline of 0.3% is unpaid to house interpretation descending beside 0.5% and laical technology past 0.2%. The major decreases in manufacturing in thinking were discovered in Magyarorszag (-7.5%), Espana(-2.9%), Rumania (-2.6%) and Slovakia(-2.3%), and the maximal increases in Polska(+2.7%), Frg (+1.2%), the Czechoslovakian Republicand the Combined Domain(both +1.1%).

As a service to the one-year match, the diminish of 2.3% in the 18 countries of the Eurozone is fitting to 1 building descending via 2.0% and polite profession next to 3.4%. In the EU28, the contract of 0.5% poverty-stricken to shop artifact dropping through 0.2% and laical subject past 2.7%. The biggest were list in Roumania(-13.1%), Portugal(-10.3%), Slovakia (-5.0%) and the Holland (-3.5%), and the maximal increases inSlovenia (+28.7%), Magyarorszag (+9.8%), Polska(+8.0%) and Espana(+6.8%).

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