I Can’t Believe It Was So Successful

So, my son decided he wanted to take my phone and create a little movie with his friends. He’s only a child, at five years old. We posted it on a social media, and it went viral. Apparently it was rated the top video production made by a child all year. I didn’t even know they had any kind of recognition for that! Now he wants to make movies all the time with his friends, it’s actually really cute and keeps them ambitious about something. It also keeps them out of trouble, which is another great factor.

They’ve created their own little social media account so that we can upload their little videos, and they have quite the following. Most of their followers are other children, teachers, and parents. They do different things on their videos, but just about all of them are educational. Just last week they did a scientific experiment and we recorded that.

We put up little flash cards and notes on their videos so other children and teachers that are watching can understand what is going on and maybe take notes so they can do these things later. They’re favorite ones to do are scientific experiments and when we cook together. We make a lot of children friendly cooking videos together, and those seem to be a big hit with parents and children.

We’ve gotten lots of feedback, mostly good, but on occasion we get a lurker that just likes to start trouble. It’s to be expected in any part of life, which is what I tell my son and his friends. They are too excited about this to let a couple of mean people get in their way. Who knows, this may open up more opportunity for them in the future when it comes to video production.

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