Looking at a New Development in West Africa

When I first started thinking about moving to a nicer condo, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to move to. I work from home, so I was not limited to any one particular area. I decided to just go online and look at different developments and see if any of them struck my fancy. When I saw the new development called Eko Atlantic in West Africa, it seemed perfect for me. I wanted to find out more about the development itself as well as Ronald Chagoury, who is one of the developers of this area.

I was able to get a lot of information about Ronald at his LinkedIn profile site, and it did make me feel a lot better knowing a bit more about one of the people who is helping make Eko Atlantic a reality. After reading about other projects that he has been part of, I knew that this was going to be worth my time to look further into the development. I then switched my focus to learning more about the actual development, and I am so glad that I did because I know I want to be a part of it.

The pictures of the development are amazing. Everything I would need is in one spot. There are restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues right there at the development, which is where the condos are too. I looked at the condos as well, and I was impressed with the layout of the condo themselves in relation to the business aspects of the development, and I also like the floor plans as well for the different units. Having everything in one spot like this is exactly what I want, and it is going to make life much easier for me once it is done and I can move in.

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