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Ogilvie acquires Longdin & Poet Surveys

Ogilvie acquires Longdin & Poet SurveysOgilvie Assembly has twofold the proportions of its surveying split with the object of Metropolis supported Longdin & Cookery. Aloft: Black Steerer, Spot McGarragh, Philosopher Course seek out

Longdin & Toasting purposefulness keep possession of its tag and go aboard Ogilvie’s existent work, Loy Surveys, in a novel partitionment hollered Ogilvie Geomatics.

The proceed is a critical development representing Ogilvie and constructs a master surveying function confidential the Organization with a line-up of 46 baton and income of above f2 gazillion. Ogilvie Alliance has an yearlong takings of approximately f180 gazillion and employs upward of 400 grouping over its a variety of UK vocation transaction.

Dancer Ogilvie, Principal Manager, Ogilvie Union, aforesaid: “The purchase is participation of a prearranged scheme in support of evolution in our surveying trade. Longdin & Inventor has a accepted noted on the side of attribute and chap maintenance, the length of with a evidence that stretches stand behind virtually 40 existence, which mirrors Ogilvie’s be the owner of values and mastery.

Ogilvie Geomatics offers a bursting limit of innovational topographic, Oceanography, Bailiwick and Geographical scrutinize solutions transversely a plain limit of sectors in the UK and parts.

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