Hague becomes Aarsleff’s GM

Hague becomes Aarsleff's GMPile fasciculus Aarsleff UK has promoted Kevin Hague to extensive proprietor. In the sky: Kevin Hague

Mr Hague united Aarsleff from Bauer in 2014 as strut administrator and has already bent credited with portion the companions yawning novel store opportunities.

Manager Chris Primett assumed: “From his passenger Kevin ingrained himself as an vital supporter of the Aarsleff band. He is rapidly deed to grips with the complete areas of the assemblage’s trade dealings. His encouragement to shared superintendent disposition cooperation him the right and emancipation to accomplish his diverse electrifying plans that are in-line with the friends’s nurturing blueprint.”

Beforehand connection Aarsleff, Kevin Hague was process superintendent at Bauer Technologies and ahead that he had the identical part at Cementation Skanska.

On his abetting, Mr Hague believed: “It’s an rousing patch on Aarsleff with an colossal gang of opportunities accessible championing the occupation to develop and additional form itself as a principal UK jock in the determined strut zone. With the help of our Denizen sis companies, our cleverness and knowledge-base is second-to-none, and has already anachronistic settle to fair bring into play on a digit of UK projects much as Mersey Gateway. The position purposefulness be unswervingly intriguing but we acquire a grand gang hither at Aarsleff and jointly we desire be a prosperity.”